Project Intelligence Modelling


tech.-enhanced Project Managment Services for every aspect of the construction process - modularised & customisable 


6 - 18 months

20 - 24 months

Reduce time

to build-&-occupy

upto 50% reduction

in management costs

99% accuracy of as-built reporting

Design Setup



3D-level definition of design components with unique identifiers.

Structure schedule to reflect resource productivity, quantity & sequencing.

Quantity tracker enhanced with defined components & structured schedule.

Real-time Tracker

Daily workflow for structured input by Supervisors, for quantity executed. 

Approve reported quantity & quality with remote intelligence, at 1.5mm accuracy.

Plug approved as-built quantity into design stage tracker for intelligence

Workflow Capabilities

Our Workflow compartmentalises and uniquely identifys each

Location, Activity, Material, Resource [Labour & Machinery] & Billing elements 

This enables accurate predictions of Project delivery timeline & cashflow

Time & Cost Impacts

  • Real time reporting of built components

  • Pre-quantify impact of re-work & change 

  • Co-ordinated & focused scheduling & cashflow 

Real-time Quality

  • Positional accuracy & pre-finishing checks

  • Request for Information & dispute resolution

  • On-going finishing level checks & rectifications

Active Project Control

  • High accuracy reporting via remote intelligence

  • Predictive schedule, cashflow & cost control

  • Billing, matierial & productivity tracker

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