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Project Intelligence Modelling


Tech.-enhanced Construction Managment, backed by

in-house engineering design & built environment sciences

PIM Benefits

Reduce time

to build & occupy with high quality finishing

Cost - control via billing, material & procurement efficiency

Increase productivity & predictability with remote visibility


 PIM Workflow - Villa to Masterplan 


Location & Quantities

Quantity take-offs from 2D drawings can be componentised & defined, comparable to a 3D model with a high level of detail.


Goal : Granular definition of locations, materials & items for tracking upto project completion.

Schedule & Activities

Configure Work Break Down Structure [WBS] from a bank of Activity IDs that reflect sequencing and resource productivity.

Goal : Increase accuracy of tracking by >80% by connecting quantity take-offs & productivity to the schedule.

Daily on-site Workflow

Output of each resource is entered with reference to quantity take-offs, by on-site stations, for scheduled rounds by supervisors.

Goal : Map actual productivity for auto-adjusted schedule, billing, cashflow & materials. Flag variations from design stage.

Remote approvals

A weekly 3D scan at 1.5mm accuracy enables the Remote Intelligence team to collectively verify & approve the quantity & quality reported on-site.

Goal Ascertain time /cost / quality of progress made. Enables predictive engine for schedule & cashflow

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Cost sensitive, modularised fee structure, based on

fragmented expertise and remote intelligence

PIM Capabilities

Our Workflow compartmentalises and uniquely identifies each

Location, Activity, Material, Resource [Labour & Machinery] & Billing items

This enables accurate predictions for Project .


Time & Cost Impacts

  • Real time reporting of built components

  • Pre-quantify impact of re-work & change 

  • Co-ordinated & focused scheduling & cashflow 

Real-time Quality

  • Positional accuracy & pre-finishing checks

  • Request for Information & dispute resolution

  • On-going finishing level checks & rectifications

Active Project Control

  • High accuracy reporting via remote intelligence

  • Predictive schedule, cashflow & cost control

  • Billing, material & productivity tracker

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Fulfilling a full

Project Management Scope

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Save 20%

with Procurement & Construction Management 

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Detailed components


PIM Workflow

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Project Portfolio

done with v1

5 ongoing with v2

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