Construction Intelligence Modelling


"Delivers consistency & cost control of a manufacturing & assembly line"


6 - 18 months

20 - 24 months

Reduce time

to build-&-occupy

upto 50% reduction

in management costs



reduction in project

capital invested

upto 40% increase in

resource productivity

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Block Workflow

Design Data

Quantity, Quality, Cost & Schedule



Predictive Schedule

Predictive Cashflow

Cost Control & Billing

Quality Assurance

Material Tracker


As-Built Data

Quantity, Quality, Cost & Schedule

Imaging Tech.

Remote Approver

Design Components are built into a framework for quantitative modelling using identified elements i.e. Location, Activity, Billing & Material.

This can then be tracked throughout the process from procurement through to installation.

Granular Tracking

Daily data inputs via manual registers are digitised & audited weekly with imaging tech to ensure rescource visibility & measurement accuracies. 

Design data is compared with this real time as-built to ensure optimised productivity, quality & cost control.

Augmented Analysis

Modularising activities increases our predictive capabilities by mapping resources to schedule.

Material tracking is responsive to schedule and stock & necessity. 

Billing related info is generated with measurements marked on 3d scan data. 

Project Componentizing

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