• Dhiraj Badane

What is a Smart Grid & how to enable it?

This is a classic example for future-proofing assets, with negligible increase in capital expenditure. Pre-planning plug-&-play capabilities ensures an asset is future-ready for being net-zero/positive.

By making provisions at the main LT panel and space for battery banks, renewable energy can directly integrate into the asset’s grid v/s typically being a separate circuit.

With these provisions, renewable energy can be installed across the life of an asset; with advancements making renewable technology cheaper & more compact.

Net metering is progressively being allowed by supply authorities; this accounts for the difference of excess power exported back to the grid and total power consumed by the asset. Hence, surplus energy earns revenue while the shortage of energy is covered by the grid.

Smart metering will be covered separately for its nodes & overarching benefits.

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