What does remote analytics & asset intelligence entail?

Improve predictiveness & quality of asset experience by monitoring key asset nodes via a Central Intelligence with Big Data Analytics.

The 10 major asset nodes include: (1) Energy profiling (2) Engineering up-time (3) People Intelligence (4) Security (5) Hygiene (6) Occupant Feedback Loop (7) Marketing / Behavioural (8) Ticketed Issues (9) Movable / fixed & immovable Assets (10) Inventory Management.

To make an asset sabotage resistant, only monitoring should be enabled remotely i.e. all control features should be kept off the cloud and managed with guided on-ground directions.

Modern day equipment has soft points and each system has its own intelligence. Integrating dashboards & anomalies across building systems is more important than their software speaking to each other.

Smart Assets entail orchestration of multiple vendors / technologies to optimise resource use, enhance occupant experience and in essence improve asset yield.

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