Sustainability: Nodes for Water Efficiency

Scarcity of water is a widely observed and discussed phenomenon.

Benchmark large reductions with a network of water meters increasing use consciousness & stubbing leakages. Screens, tickers, apps & general signage can be used to increase visibility of use along with optimum habits and their relative impacts.

Design-use is typically reduced with low-flow fixtures and clinical design of irrigation systems.

Government regulations have played a large role in bringing efficiency with Rain Water Harvesting [RWH] and Sewage Treatment Plants [STPs] becoming mandatory for projects. A zero-discharge site ensures 100% rainwater is reused or recharged and similarly STP treated water be reused for flushing, landscape etc.

Convenience for drinking water is increased with a central treatment plant to control quality and earmarked points of dispensing [indoor & outdoor]

Reduce, recycle & reuse is the mantra...

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