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Smart Metering Systems

Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Nearly 27% of gas emissions is from burning fossil fuels for electricity.

About 12% of emissions are from the Residential & Commercial sector which include all homes & commercial businesses. These are from direct emissions including fossil fuel combustion for heating & cooking needs, management of waste & wastewater, leaks from refrigerants in homes & businesses.

An upgrade to a smart meter is a great contribution to reducing our impact on Earth. Smart meters are the base when it comes to individuals managing their energy consumption.

In order to improve the energy consumption, the consumers need to have the real-time information at their disposal, & they have to learn how to understand them.

This will help the energy system better manage the supply & demand of energy to reduce waste, & also shift energy usage away from traditional peak times – which are currently reliant on fossil fuel energy – & make more use of renewables.

Benefits of Smart Metering System:

A Smart meter is an advanced energy meter having many benefits:

  • Smart meter with handy In home display communicates with the meter to show you how much energy you are using as well as the associated cost. It encourages good energy habits & some homes are already showing energy savings of 5-20%.

  • It can even tell you how much Carbon dioxide you are producing.

  • Allows electrical appliances to be automatically controlled individually [For eg. power consumed by A/C, Lighting, Geysers, Refrigerator]

  • The In-Home Display shows how much energy you’re using at any given time, allowing you to notice any sudden spikes which may be associated with a faulty appliance.

  • Smart meters automatically send out readings to your supplier so you don’t have to worry about remembering to submit them.

  • It sends your readings automatically so you will always be billed for what you use.

  • It allows the consumer to reduce costs by increasing energy consumption during off-peak cheaper tariff periods.


Smart meters are the fundamental base of a strong ecosystem, for they enable managing the energy consumption & the energy infrastructure. Based on that, they also contribute to the reduction of CO2. Full integration of smart meters & a positive approach to effective use of energy can make a big difference in the amount of the CO2 emissions & greatly contribute to a more sustainable future & healthier environment.

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