• Dhiraj Badane

Office for Google @ FIFC, BKC

Client: Google India.

Carpet Area: 82,594 sq.ft.

Architect: RSP Design, India

PMC: JLL India.

About Project:

Consists of Basement + Ground + Sixth floor + Seventh floor.

Basement Floor Food Storage.

Ground Floor Live Kitchen.

Sixth Floor Office Area, Work Station & Micro Kitchen.

Seventh Floor Office Area & Work Station.

Key Features:

Ventilation design for the open kitchen. The location of Exhaust & Fresh air fan is at Terrace Floor; with a shaft length of 25 meters with many bends. Acute calculations lead to an efficiently working system.

False flooring enables flexibility & use of advancement to achieve modularity of use. We used our clash aversion design approach to limit raising of floor to 100mm only [including floor tile & crossing] for a deep floor plate. A bustrack power system enhances modularity.

Power over Ethernet [PoE] lights are used [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO6fHgeHXK0&t=1s ]

Data Centre-like server room arrangement with related systems including, Precision Air-conditong [PAC], NOVAC fire suppression system, VESDA smoke detection, rodent repellent and water leak detection.

Summary of technical details:

Electrical [for all floor] :

Maximum Demand Load: 364 kW

UPS Configuration: 125 kVA

MDF/ MMR Room 50 kVA

Mechanical [for all floor] :

Total Load: 143.9 TR

VRV System: 72 Hp

AHU Configuration: 5500/ 3700 CFM

PAC Units: 7 TR/ 3967 CFM

Water Cooled Package Units: 5.5 TR/ 2200 CFM

Kitchen Exhaust Fans: 10000/ 4450 CFM

Kitchen Fresh Air Fans: 9200/ 3200 CFM

Dry Scrubber: 10000/ 4450 CFM

Air Cooled Ducted: 5.5 TR/ 2200 CFM

Fire Fighting System:

Modular type extinguishers UPS room, Battery room, & electrical room.

ABC type extinguishers Common passages lobbies.

K type extinguishers Kitchen

CO2 ABC tye extinguishers Workstation areas.

Upright type Sprinkler Phone, Conference, Meeting, Huddle Rooms etc.

Pendent type Sprinkler Micro Kitchen


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