• Shilpa Papde

KBZ Office Complex, Myanmar

Client: JL Construction

Built-up Area: 50,000 sq.ft.

Architect: DP Architects

About Project:

Project consists of Block A +B + C

Configuration of all blocks typical floors with:

Consists of First floor + Sixth upper floors.

Block A:

First floor: Bank

Second to Sixth floor: Office at each floor

Block B:

First floor to Fifth floor: Office at each floor

Sixth floor: Office & Pantry

Block C:

First floor to Sixth floor: Car Parking

Summary of technical details:

Electrical [for all blocks]:

Total Connected Load: 3,250 kW

Maximum Demand Load: 22,008 kW

Transformer Configuration: 2,000 kVA x 2nos.

DG Configuration: 1,010 kVA x 3 nos.

Mechanical [for all blocks]:

Basement Ventilation:

Jet Fans:

First to Second Basement: 60 nos at each floor

Smoke Exhust Fans:

Pump room : 40,000 cfm x 34 nos.

Plumbing [for all blocks]::

Underground Tanks:

Domestic: 226 cum

Flushing: 128 cum

Rain Water / Borewell: 78 cum

Common Fire-fighting: 100 cum

Common STP: 148 kLD

Overhead Tanks:

Fire-fighting: 20cum

Fire Fighting System:

Sprinkler system at offices, pantry, bank and car parking of all floors.

Portable Fire extinguisher [for common utility areas, lift lobbys & inside the offices].

Hydrant system at Periphery of ground floor, car parking & lift lobby

of each floor.

Extra Low Voltage Systems:

Fire Detection Systems l Emergency Voice Evacuation System l CCTV | Access Control System


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