India Today covers excerpts from our Vision for India's Smart City in a post lockdown world / phase

Develop inclusive & locally responsive nodes: The responsibility of enabling Smart Cities needs inspiration to move from an infrastructure level to individual assets becoming nodes for influencing a larger community. Existing assets should open their compound walls for giving neighbourhoods a wider expanse of use. With a larger expanse of use, better efficiency will be achieved for costs, implementation & quality e.g. amenities from gardens to sports infrastructure to convenience retail to delivery stations to quality accommodation for house help.

Expert consultants & council needs to be supplemented with a democratic framework for incremental improvements.

Fragmented Remote Intelligence: Smart City at an infrastructure or individual asset level has several components that require orchestration. Remote intelligence will ensure expertise of individual components & fragments within each can be consolidated. Cost of delivering trends & anomaly alarms will be reduced with ‘Resources of Excellence’ tracking multiple assets & also simultaneously engaging in structured R&D.

Internet of Things [IoT] will be supplemented with physicality at assets and structured amortisation for items enabling remote intelligence.

Incremental - micro to macro: We are attuned to planning at a macro scale; but even with best intentions the period of implementation takes longer than anticipated. Micro-level execution with self-sustained use will ensure assets are better utilised & have DNA of modularity for future reconfigurations.

Imagine a building being incrementally built with every floor constructed, finished and given possession; while other floors get constructed each floor that's completed is in use for its end purpose.

Finally, implementation will & should be driven by goals & metrics to assess results v/s prescriptive methods of tenders & checklists.

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Footnote: Sustainability and Work-From-Home [interpret as low-travel or no travel] have been explored & envisioned with a wide variety of components. It is general consensus that we will see an accelerated pace of acceptance & implementation for these measures.

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