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Energy Conservation In Building


The primary function of a building is to provide a thermally comfortable environment to its occupants.

A good indoor climate is important for the success of any building, not only because it will make its occupants comfortable, but also because it will decide its energy consumption, & thus influences its sustainability.


The major use of energy in a building includes lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, etc.

Energy is also consumed for the production of materials used to construct the building which is known as embodied energy & also the energy required to transport the construction materials from where they are produced to where they are used. With the increase in the global concern for energy and environmental issues, the building sector holds a tremendous potential for energy savings. Hence, energy conservation in buildings is the decrease in the use of energy for its construction, for its running and maintenance, by proper design & orientation, use of climatic conditions including passive & active features, use of more efficient equipment, inclusion of renewable & optimization of thermal comfort condition.

Energy Efficiency Measures For Buildings:

1. Reducing heating & cooling demand

  • Limiting the exposed surface area of the building

  • Improving the insulation of the building’s fabric

  • Reducing ventilation losses

  • By selecting efficient heating & cooling systems with effective controls

  • Controlling solar gains through glazing

  • Providing effective natural ventilation

  • Reducing lighting loads and installing effective lighting controls

  • Solar control glass with shading

2. Reducing energy use for lighting

3. Reducing energy used for heating water

  • Using solar system

  • Using energy efficient & VFD based heat pump system

4. Reducing the energy requirements for ventilation

  • Building design that maximizes natural ventilation

  • Effective window design

  • Using efficient mechanical ventilation systems

5. Reduce energy demand of equipment

  • Using VFD drives

  • Using energy efficient equipment

  • Using EC Fans

. 6. Use renewable energy sources

  • Solar PV panels

  • Wind Turbine

  • Geothermal energy

  • Biomass Energy

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