Dependable | Measurable | Incremental

Our enterprise is represented by a central ecosystem based on family values, structured framework and grouped cashflow. We have set up an intent-identifier based and frequency-driven workflow for being dependable, measureable and incremental.

Three elements form an infinite loop i.e. while we start with being dependable & measure our journey through time; as soon as we become incremental or grow, we have to learn, adapt & commit to being dependable again. Here I expand on each element for better understanding:

Dependable means being consistent, reliable, fulfilling commitment, upholding integrity, sufficiently bridging expectation management and effectively making it happen.

Measurable, doesn’t mean that we get attached to historic information, but is more a quantitative & qualitative assessment of evolving information & systems. Bringing objectivity to measurability is often counter-intuitive and is addressed via systems to follow.

Incremental is something that everyone desires and tends to put first i.e. before sufficiently assessing their dependability and evolving measurability. Every time we are incremental whether as an individual or as a company there is not only growth in the money we are expecting to make, but also

growth in responsibilities & running a balanced ship.

This infinite loop of being dependable, measurable, incremental and being dependable again is something we can’t let go off. In fact in today's day & age with the world connected as much as it is, being adaptable and responsive to technology, industry dynamics & portfolio diversification has become integral for closing the infinite loop of becoming dependable after being incremental.

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