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Comparative for plumbing pipe materials & their applications

This TechByte covers a comparative of 6 nos. water supply pipe materials & 5 nos. drainage system Pipe materials; with their possible applications.

Type of Water Supply Pipes:

  • Galvanised Iron (GI) Pipes: Mild steel strips of low carbon steel coils. Pipes dipped in a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust.

  • uPVC (unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride): Is a solid plastic material made from Vinyl chloride.

  • cPVC (chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride): Is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride(PVC).

  • HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene): Is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum.

  • PPR (PolyPropylene-Random): Manufactured from Random Copolymer Polypropylene resin by extrusion process and injection moulding is used for the fittings.

  • Composite Pipe (Polyethylene & Aluminium combined): Manufactured from Virgin polyethylene and Aluminimum.

Applications of Water Supply Pipes:

With the types of water supply pipes application defined in the table below:

Type of Drainage System Pipes:

  • uPVC Pipe (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride): Is rigid form PVC often use in building, industry as a low maintenance material pipe.

  • Ductile Iron Pipe: Cast iron is an alloy of carbon & iron where the graphite is solidified out of matrix. In gray cast iron the graphite is in the form of the flakes.

  • CI Pipe (Cast Iron Pipe): Cast Iron Soil pipe & Fitting shall be manufactured from gray iron.

  • Foam Core uPVC pipe: Basically multilayer pipe. Outer & inner layers of conventional PVC, middle layer of foamed PVC. Outer & inner layers are design to take load & middle layers of foamed PVC rigidity & maintain the shape of the pipe under load.

  • RCC hume pipe (Reinforced cement pipe): Cast by compacting concrete together with the embedded steel reinforcement in moulds with centrifugal force by revolving the molds using a motor or an engine.

Applications of Drainage System Pipes:

With the types of drainage system pipes application defined in the table below:

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