• Dhiraj Badane

Commercial Building @1.6 million sq.ft. for Raheja Group.

Client: Raheja Group.

Built-up Area: 15,83,052 sq.ft.

Architect: RSP Design, India

About Project:

Consists of 3 Nos of commercial buildings.

Configuration of each building is as under:

Ground floor + First podium floor + Second to Ninth typical floor & Seventh floor part refuge floor.

Key Feature:

IGBC [India Green Building Council] gold rated certified green buidling.

Design Centrifugal water cooled chiller for high rotating speed of impeller, large gas transmission capacity & large single machine capacity.

A Waste Heat Recovery Unit [WHRU] that transfers heat from process outputs at high temperature to another part of the process for some purpose, usually increased efficiency.

Summary of technical details:

Electrical [for each building]: Total Connected Load: 2,610 kW

Maximum Demand Load: 1,959 kW

Transformer Configuration: 2 mVA x 2 Nos.

DG configuration: 1mVA x 4 Nos.

Plumbing [for each building]:

Underground Tanks:

Domestic: 78 cum

Flushing: 78 cum

Rain Water / Borewell: 62 cum

Common Fire-fighting: 300 cum

Common STP: 124 cum

Overhead Tanks:

Domestic: 39 cum

Flushing: 31 cum

Fire: 25 cum

Solid Waste Generation [for all building]:

Dry: 466 kg/day

Wet: 311 kg/day

Fire Fighting System:

Sprinkler system at ground floor, lift lobby and Podium

Hydrant system at ground floor boundary periphery, Podium & each lift lobby


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