BIM workflows for resource based scheduling [4D] & cashflow [5D] management

4D / 5D BIM provides the bones for achieving below goals:

▼ time required to build & occupy by upto 60%

▼ capital invested across supply chain by upto 25%

▼ level of domain expertise required for intelligence

▲ productivity of on-site resources by upto 35%

▲ efficiency of capital deployed through construction period

Building 3D models is considered to be a gateway for 4D & 5D; however with the principle of Garbage In Garbage Out [GIGO] it becomes a bottleneck…

At the heart is... emulating the data model of 3D BIM for material take-offs... and then... re-configuring project schedule with Activities, to which, summation of material take-offs can be assigned

The larger bottleneck is that of receiving granular on-site progress and updating the model; without which predictiveness cannot be achieved & hence benefits of 4D / 5D are lost...

Enable ease of interface for supervisors / foreman to input labour-wise day-to-day data against material take-offs.

When it comes to dashboards, LESS-is-MORE… anomalies, trends and roll-downs influencing higher productivity with actionable insights.

Along with bones & interface for the 4D / 5D engine; we will also cover feeders that cohesively achieve the goals set out, including:

  • Orchestration of technologies like drones, laser & image scanners, bluetooth & CCTV, to increase remote visibility, transparency and intelligence for QS, QC & EHS

  • Fragmentation of expertise for material take-offs, 3D modelling, trackability with remote intelligence and rapid training for focused fragments

  • Fragmentation of items tendered for projects [optionally with linked costs]

  • Smart sequencing & site logistics mapping for clinical part-operability

  • Less-is-more data intelligence to track schedule & cashflow with formula of catch-up + catch-up + catch-up and then displace

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