Art Installations... The role of engineering provisions

Art installations are nodal for bringing dynamism to the visual landscape across an asset... With being focal points, they are known to have a multi-faceted positive impact on the human brain…

With pre-defined spots... provisions can be pre-planned from simple things like wall & ceiling supports...

Power points & DMX protocol points can enable a modular layer of stage-like rigging for integrating intelligent lighting, Audio/Visual equipment, lasers, smoke/fog machine, pyrotechnics, rigging motors etc.

Select points of installations can be given a focused core infrastructure e.g. (+) water jets / drainage points (+) sound domes (+) air terminals (+) movement based sensory network etc.

Augmented reality, QR code based audio activation, coffee table book and other such mediums can be integrated to enable an extended understanding of each piece including artist information.

We will roll-out thought-starters from cohesive asset-specific studies done; with multidisciplinary provisions, workflows, expertise & technologies...

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