A journey of 15 years and a data-driven future

We are celebrating 15 years with fulcrum learnings and a clear vision for our future…

A day to first thank everyone who has influenced our journey… clients, peers, architects, core team and team members; both current and ex…

Our roots for clinical operational workflows come from our UK JV partners since inception…

The churn @ India has been of large volumes with a price sensitive & value conscious market... Our consulting experience has spanned across 300+ million sq.ft., 700+ projects, across 58 cities & 5 countries

We have built a DNA of expanding resources via ground-up multidisciplinary training of engineers… Dependable delivery via projected tasks, man hours and deadlines are coupled with granular level checklist to ensure quality.

With a ‘core’ of built environment sciences & engineering we have expanded our roots with breakthrough technology adaptations.

Our motto of “Engineering Evolving” has enabled an IT-like method of delivery with remote data intelligence for projects under construction and for smart asset operations. Rationalising affordability while increasing predictability, productivity & accuracy is central to technology adaptations. Finally, there is accentuation for sustainability, flexibility, liveability and actively considering a lifecycle approach to maximise asset yield.

Our goals for the coming decade are set at:

(+) Structured resource development for more than 200,000 people

(+) Scaling impact through harmonic territory & sector-responsive collaborations

(+) Leaders for tech.-enabled, built environment consulting & sustainability

(+) Develop centres of excellence for remote project intelligence, R&D and labour development

(+) Deliver globally recognised case study projects.

We are committed to:

(+) build relationships with a long term intent, quantified value proposition and incremental value

(+) balance robust knowledge, measurable delivery and astute imagination.

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