What we Achieve

Our Workflow compartmentalises and uniquely identifys each

Location, Activity, Material, Resource [Labour & Machinery] & Billing elements 

This enables accurate predictions of Project delivery timeline & cashflow

Time & Cost Impacts

  • Real time reporting of built components

  • Pre-quantify impact of re-work & change 

  • Co-ordinated & focused scheduling & cashflow 

Real Time Quality

  • Positional accuracy & pre-finishing checks

  • Request for Information & dispute resolution

  • On-going finishing level checks & rectifications

Acute Project Control

  • Pilferage resistance & billing accuracy: 

    • Fixed rate contract 

    • Item rate contract

  • Resource productivity & matierial tracker

The Process

Schedule & Activities

Configure Work Break Structure [WBS] with relevant Activity IDs under Location Groups.

Select from a bank of Activity IDs that suit sequencing, allocation of resource productivity & quantity-based progress tracking.

Location & Quantities

Design-stage Quantity Take-offs [QS] for each Location ID [structural member & room] are tagged with Activity ID, Billing ID & Material ID


Connect [QS] to Step 1 with summation of Location IDs responsive to Location Groups.

Daily Workflow

On-site data is collected daily with respect to quantity executed by each Rescource ID 

Imaging & Audit

A weekly 3D scan at 1.5mm accuracy enables the Remote Intelligence team to collectively verify & approve the quantity & quality reported on-site at step 3. This also ensures accuracy of data into the CIM engine.

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Fragmenting Procurment

Evaluate multiple vendors & sub-contractors

Supply Only 

Install Only



Resource-wise productivity data [control & incentivise]

Labour welfare 
[food & engagement]

Health & Safety



Logistical Mapping

Site hygiene & housekeeping

Material stocking & issuances

Pre-buy CCTV for intelligence @ counts & movement 

Part-operability & usability

Repository & Tracker

Design Management 

[pre & post design-stage QS]


Environment Health & Safety


Progress reports 

[daily / weekly / monthly]

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